The Butterfly

The Butterfly

A pale green butterfly. Green color
Very much like the color of grass around it
Or that of wild bushes
It flies all the way. Leading you to the school
My little angle.
You eager follow it. It meet other little angles
In the school
To become a worthy, valuable human
Much better than me.

You flow like brisk air. Holding
My hand
As I take you thru the journey of life
You, too eager to go. Away from me
Learning the alphabet of life
Right from the scratch
Bit by bit. Teaching me how to live
On this lively planet. From the Almighty
With your little hands. And large heart

I learn the faces of life. From you
You little angel. Or devil
Depending whether you’re sleeping or awake
Laughter filling the vacuum around me
Your innocent laughter and shrill cries
Teaching me a lesson. Or two
Of life on this mortal earth
For nothing they say
Child is the father of man.


About rirakesh

I feel a bit disturbed by the prevailing condition in our society, so I write: poems, articles & stories.
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