The Perfect punishment

Drip by drip.

Red. Firing red.


Keeps dripping.

From my aching soul.

Tattered and piercing soul.

After crushing your existence.

Every bits and pieces.

Raping every atom in your body.

For many long years.

Ants buried in sand for those many years.

Made their way up.

Outside the heap of reversing anthills.

Anthills of memories.

Deteriorating memories.

The blood dripped from your existing.

On my soul.

Submerging it in a river of putrefying.



Drop by drop.

Leaving a thin, fine streak.

On your soul.

On your heart.

On your existence.

Never to be stamped out.

The indelible mark extending to my persona.

From yours.

Making me.

Condemned to live with it.


Perfect punishment.

To the perfect rapist.


About rirakesh

I feel a bit disturbed by the prevailing condition in our society, so I write: poems, articles & stories.
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